SPEAK UP BLOG http://blog.speakupjapan.com/ SPEAK UP・タメニナル・タノシイ・ブログ ja-jp 2018-10-18T04:57:19+09:00 2017 Kids Christmas http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=225626 Fun with the students at Christmas time. 2017-12-23T16:35:00+09:00 Halloween http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=225483 Another big party this year for our elementary school aged kids. Lots of fun and great costumes!! 2017-10-28T18:21:00+09:00 Autumn BBQ http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=225482 Usually we do an autumn BBQ and apple-picking but because of hail this year we just did the BBQ. Family fun!! 2017-10-09T18:19:00+09:00 a lesson with Phil http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=225481 Veteran instructor Phil Williams teaching an adult conversation class... 2017-06-15T18:18:00+09:00 Cherry blossom 2017 http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=225480 2017-04-29T18:16:00+09:00 January Snow trip to Geto http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223516 The first snow trip of 2017 was to Geto Kogen. A mix of eleven New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans plus a group of Speak members enjoyed a sunny day. 2017-01-08T15:59:00+09:00 Christmas Party http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223515 The Speak Up guitar circle played a set at this year's Christmas party! 2016-12-23T15:58:00+09:00 Kids Christmas http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223514 One of the activities at Christmas time this year was decorating Christmas tree cookies. 2016-12-22T15:56:00+09:00 Halloween Party and Quiz Nite http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223070 Batwoman had the best costume and Jason, Fukiko and Ayuko won the quiz competition. 2016-10-29T11:03:00+09:00 Jack-O-Lanterns http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223068 Speak Up kids did pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and had a party too. 2016-10-29T11:01:00+09:00 Annual Apple Picking BBQ http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223067 2016-10-10T11:06:00+09:00 Hanamaki Festival Carpark Party http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=223066 2016-09-09T10:53:00+09:00 Lake Tase boat race http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=222477 Second place this year. We are happy with that. BBQ, banana boat rides, canoes, party in the evening. A GOOD DAY. 2016-07-24T11:08:00+09:00 Dumpling Cooking Class http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=221977 Some members wanted to learn Hanae's authentic Chinese dumpling recipe. We used the kitchen at Manabi-gakuen. We made the pastry, the filling, cooked them and then ATE THEM! 2016-05-14T16:35:00+09:00 Nite Out with Guy http://blog.speakupjapan.com//index.php?itemid=221979 Some of us had gyoza and beer then played billiards and darts with former teacher Guy Williams. A fun night. 2016-04-30T16:41:00+09:00